Negotiating Your Sugar Baby Allowance with Your Perth Sugar Daddy

Perth sugar baby allowance

The monetary gifts from a Perth Sugar Daddy may come in different forms. One of them is the sugar baby allowance – a stipulated amount payable per week, month, or visit by a sugar daddy to his sugar baby. It comes off as one of the several benefits a sugar baby gets from a mutually beneficial relationship.

Are you a Perth sugar baby, wondering if you can negotiate your sugar baby allowance? The answer is yes. But getting it right requires the right skills. Now Start to negotiate your sugar baby allowance by following below steps.

  1. Step1: Make a decision.

    Perth sugar babies tend to leave the decision on their allowance completely to their sugar daddies to make. While this appears an easy and safe move, it is not always the smartest, as you may end up with less than you deserve.

    Instead, convince yourself to ask for what you think you deserve as a sugar baby allowance from your Perth sugar daddy.

  2. Step2: Know the average sugar baby allowance.

    You need an idea of what range other sugar babies in Perth are charging before you open negotiations with your sugar daddy. Statistics have shown that an average Perth sugar daddy is ready and willing to spend between $2,000 and $8,000 on his sugar baby, depending on how much sugar she is willing to make. Knowing the upper and lower limits puts you in a good position during negotiation.

  3. Step3: How much sugar is he willing to give?

    The financial or spending capacity of Perth sugar daddies is not the same. While Sugar Daddy A may be willing to go all out on their sugar babies; sugar daddy B may be a bit reserved. You must know where your sugar daddy stands in this case.

    For example, some sugar daddies are millionaires, while others are not. A millionaire sugar daddy will obviously spend more as allowance compared with non-millionaires. Note that not all millionaire sugar daddies can offer a mouth-watering allowance. In some cases, their monies may be in investment or other more important expenses. Know this and factor it in when negotiating your sugar baby allowance.

  4. Step4: Set the terms of the arrangement.

    Your terms of the arrangement as a sugar baby will determine how much you get s allowance from your Perth sugar daddy. For instance, how often do you meet with him? Frequent meetings should get you more money as an allowance.

    What do you do together? Do you go on trips or just spend the weekend? Long term commitments are expected to attract higher sugar baby allowance compared to simple date nights out.

    Does your

    secret arrangements include exclusivity? If you are not allowed to see other sugar daddies as part of your arrangement, then you should negotiate a higher sugar baby allowance that reflects exclusivity.

    If you also travel to see your sugar daddy or dress in specific expensive outfits, ensure that such additional expenses are factored in your sugar baby allowance.

Finally, always remember that there is no one-cap-fits-all approach applicable to sugar baby allowance. You should discuss the payment arrangement that favors both you and your sugar daddy. You should also note that your sugar baby allowance does not replace expensive gifts and other perks of a sugar baby dating relationship.